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Black Forest, Colorado Springs, CO

Any discussion of Colorado Springs Real Estate is not complete without discussing Black Forest, CO. Bordering the north end of Colorado Springs, just minutes from town, the Black Forest area encompasses 200,000 acres of unincorporated land in El Paso County.

The area offers a densely wooded pine forest with some open rolling grassland areas. Characterized by mostly 5 acre and larger lots with elevations of 6500-7800 feet, many offer stunning views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range. Black Forest, CO housing styles run the gamut from log cabins to contemporary homes and sprawling mansions. This beautiful area was named by a German Immigrant who thought that the dark hue of the Ponderosa Pine very closely resembled The Black Forest in Germany. The area abounds in wildlife. Many of the properties are zoned for horses. Although the Black Forest is rapidly growing, the population in Black Forest, CO is estimated to be about 11,500. Recreation includes an equestrian cen…

Briargate Colorado Springs

When considering Colorado Springs Real Estate, Briargate is an option that tops many lists. Briargate is a master planned community that overlooks the Rocky Mountains. Located on the north end of Colorado Springs, just east of the Air Force Academy, Briargate features many cul-de-sac neighborhoods. It is a community where quality of life comes first. Briargate offers top quality housing, the most progressive education available, easy access to recreational opportunities, numerous retail, professional, medical and family entertainment centers and employment all within a short walk or drive.

Briargate Colorado Springs has become one of largest and fastest growing areas in the northeast section of Colorado Springs, encompassing nearly 10,000 acres and establishing itself as one of the most viable residential areas in our community. Briargate is home to a myriad of activities that promote recreation, worship, shopping, dining and learning including award winning Academy School District 20 …

The Future is Looking Brighter

Well, we all have seen the news. The media continues to spread Gloom & Doom. But what are the real facts about the current Foreclosure Situation. Here are some recent stats that we think you will find interesting!

* 97.4% of all mortgages in the US are current. That means that 2.6% are either late or in foreclosure. It is estimated that .6 are late and 2.0 are in foreclosure.

* 75% of all foreclosures occur in 5 states

* Florida – heavy investment market
Michigan – automobile industry effects
California – impacted by soaring values in recent years
Nevada – heavy ARM market
Arizona – heavy ARM market

* The remaining 25% of foreclosures are spread over 45 states.

* In Colorado – there currently are 10,000 foreclosures, but many are multiple properties owned by the same person – so there are not 10,000 PEOPLE in default. The cities where there are the most foreclosures in Colorado are Denver and Pueblo.