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Home for Sale in Colorado Springs!

Move In Ready 2-Story Home for Sale in Colorado Springs in D-20. Perfect for the First Time Home Buyer, Move Up Buyer or if you are Relocating to Colorado Springs. Boasting 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 Car Garage and 2,200 + Square Feet. Click Here to Tour this Home for Sale in Colorado Springs! Beautiful Hardwood Floors Throughout the Main Level, Completely updated kitchen with new appliances, counters and cabinetry. The Spacious 2-Story Living Room is open to the kitchen with a cozy gas burning fireplace and walk out to the expansive backyard. The Dining Area is open to the kitchen and living area which is perfect for entertaining. Unwind in the upper level master retreat with an attached bathroom with dual sinks and soaking tub. There are 2 additional bedrooms and a full bathroom on the upper level. The Finished Basement features a Spacious Family Room, Wired for Surround Sound, Large Bedroom and Full Bathroom. The expansive backyard is perfect for entertaining! This home is located …

January is National Radon Action Month

Radon is a colorless, odorless, soil gas that can seep into homes through small spaces and openings, such as cracks, concrete, floor drains, sump pump openings, wall/floor joints in basements, and pores in walls. Radon can also enter a home through well water.

Its presence in your home can pose a danger to your family's health. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer in America. The EPA estimates that nearly 1 out of every 15 homes in the U.S. has an elevated level of Radon, with some areas in the U.S. having a much higher concentration of than others.

The EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General urge all Americans to protect their health by testing their homes, schools, and other buildings for radon. Exposure to radon is a preventable health risk, and testing radon levels in your home can help prevent unnecessary exposure. If a high radon level is detected in your home, you can take steps to fix the problem to protect yourself…

Selling your home out of season? A great deck makes a difference

(ARA) - In a perfect world, no one would ever have to face the challenge of trying to sell a house when there's snow on the ground and the trees are bare. In reality, people have to sell and buy homes throughout the year.

While winter may not be the optimum season to showcase your landscaping, there is one improvement you can make that will help you boost your home's outdoor appeal no matter what the season: a deck.

When potential buyers visit your home in winter, they might not be able to envision how green and lovely your backyard will look come spring. But they will be able to see with their own eyes the square footage that a deck adds to the home's living space.

Decks, patios, sunrooms and porches have always been popular with home buyers, but real estate agents say that too often those spaces are neglected or not used to their best advantage. Yet outdoor improvements like a deck can significantly enhance your home's value and appeal. In fact, at the time of resale, a…

The ins and outs of worry-free home security

(ARA) - As seasons change, homeowners' routines change along with them. Whether it's children coming in and out of the house more frequently between school and activities, or service workers helping to get home repairs done, you want to ensure
safe and controlled access when you're not available.

One recent "Key Hiding Habits" survey of homeowners in St. Louis found that respondents
hide extra keys for such purposes in all kinds of places, from beneath a flowerpot to under the bushes - yet among those who do, about one fifth don't recall where they hid the key, leading to an opportunity for a lockout situation. In fact, getting locked out of the house happens more than you'd think. Over a 12-month period, a quarter of those polled were locked out at least once and a smaller number twice. Believe
it or not, some were locked out five times or more.

To ensure worry-free home security, there are simple things you can do to help ensure that the right people can ent…

Achieve winter home comfort

(ARA) - If you're a homeowner, you probably know that home winterization is essential if you want to increase energy efficiency and comfort during the winter. In addition to the usual quick fixes, there are a few important tasks to keep in mind when preparing both the interior and exterior of your home for the harsh weather ahead.

Believe it or not, the roof plays a big role when it comes to controlling the comfort in your home. Even more, heavy snowfall and ice can lead to severe damage throughout your home if you don't have a healthy roof.

Winter weather can cause the creation of ice dams. Walls of ice form at the edge of the roof when snow melts and runs down the roof, reaches the cold eaves and refreezes. If you don't have the proper protection, the ice pushes under the shingles, which will cause leaks into the attic or along exterior walls, resulting in water damage that can be expensive to repair.

Make sure you keep an eye out for icicles on your roof throughout …

Great Reasons to Sell Your House Today!

You may be asking yourself, “Is it time to sell my house?” The answer to that question is based on what your families’ goals are. If you don’t need or want to move for a few years it might make sense to wait for the housing industry to recover and prices to appreciate. However, if you wish to move within the next six to eighteen months, it is probably better to sell sooner rather than later. Here are some reasons why:

Distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales) on the market will increase this winter and spring. This will put tremendous downward pressure on prices for at least the next 12-18 months. Get your house sold before they become your competition.

Lending standards are continuing to tighten. There is legislation currently being considered that will make it even harder for buyers to qualify. Less demand will equate to lower prices.

With prices where th…

Real Estate 2012: Many Positive Outlooks

by The KCM Crew

There is a growing belief among many experts that 2012 will be the year housing turns the corner and starts heading in a more positive direction. Whenever we write a post like this, we unleash the hordes of critics who say we are again wearing rose colored glasses or are puppets being controlled by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and other industry groups.

It is for that reason we will not be covering the projections of those groups. Instead, we want to share the beliefs of other organizations.

Washington Post:
“Housing Market and Economy Showing Encouraging Signs.”

The Wall Street Journal:“From Bottom Up, Signs of Housing Recovery”

USA Today:
“Housing Outlook is More Upbeat”

“CoreLogic’s chief economist Mark Fleming says housing statistics and the duration of the downturn to date indicate 2012 may be the year the housing market begins to turn the corner.”

Freddie Mac:
“With the New Year comes a sense of cautious optimism. There are some positive signs in th…

Listing Inventory Declining in Colorado Springs!

For the first time in about 4 years, our listing inventory continues to decline! Good News for Home sellers, less competition, better sales prices!!! Check out these charts from The Pikes Peak Association of Realtors.

Click Here to view the charts.

If you are considering Relocating to Colorado Springs, Purchasing a Home for Sale in Colorado Springs, considering Selling a Home in Colorado Springs, or want more information on the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market, Contact your Colorado Springs Real Estate Expert, Mike MacGuire Today! Click Here to Check out my informational video if you are considering Selling a Home in Colorado Springs. Click Here to Check out my informational video if you are considering Purchasing a Home for Sale in Colorado Springs.

Belief That “Now Is the Time to Buy” by Age Group

If you are considering Relocating to Colorado Springs, Purchasing a Home for Sale in Colorado Springs, considering Selling a Home in Colorado Springs, or want more information on the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market, Contact your Colorado Springs Real Estate Expert, Mike MacGuire Today! Click Here to Check out my informational video if you are considering Selling a Home in Colorado Springs. Click Here to Check out my informational video if you are considering Purchasing a Home for Sale in Colorado Springs.

Selling Tips in a Buyer’s Market

A buyer’s market means it’s the seller’s turn to be flexible, especially with sale terms. Purchase price, closing dates, move-in dates, storage, appliances, window treatments, points and fees may all require a little negotiation. Whatever the terms, don’t let personal feelings stand in the way of a good deal.

The basics

In a buyer’s market, curb appeal, cleanliness, overall good condition and updates are especially crucial. Any little flaw should be taken care of before the first buyer drives up.

• Attend open houses in your neighborhood to see what “sell-ready” really looks like. If you’re shy, ask your Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate sales associate to walk you through a few sell-ready examples.

• Back home, start with the exterior to ensure you’re making a good first impression. Reseed or throw down some turf on lawn patches, change the lights in the lamppost, and if necessary, reset the walkway stone.

• Clean the interior beyond your standards. Even if they are impeccable, rent a…

Where Are House Prices Headed in 2012?

by The KCM Crew

There is no shortage of opinions as to where home prices are headed in 2012. From Clear Capital’s expectation that prices will show a ‘slight uptick’ this year to Fitch’s projection that prices ‘will fall another 13 percent’, there seems to be no consensus as to where real estate values are headed. How can there be such a disparity of opinion among industry experts? Prices are determined by the relationship between supply and demand and there are many unanswered questions regarding both of these components.

Questions about Demand

Will this be the year that the 5.9 million adults between the ages of 25 and 34 that are still living with their parents decide to purchase a home of their own?

With mortgage payments lower than rent payments in the majority of the country, will first time buyers finally decide it makes more financial sense to buy rather than rent?

Will the baby boomers take advantage of the great deals available and start purchasing vacation and retirement homes?


Home For Sale Near Colorado Springs, CO!

This Walk Out, Ranch Style Home For Sale Near Colorado Springs, Boasts 4 Bedrooms, Large Den, 3 Bathrooms and 3,500 + SF on over 35 Acres! Click Here to Tour This Home! The Home was completely remodeled in 2007. Bullnose corners, knockdown texture, extra Insulation in the roof, hand-carved solid hickory floors, slate floors & cut berber carpet. Cozy Gas Fireplace w/ slate tile, plinth block & rosette woodwork w/ 6” baseboards, 6-panel doors, 8’ tall door on the attached garage, new garage door opener, Dual Cat-5, Telephone & Coax wired throughout. The Spacious Kitchen includes Kenmore Elite Appliances & 42” cabinets. Central A/C for your comfort, central vacuum, forced air gas heat w/ programmable thermostat, dual water heaters w/ manifold system. The Main Level Master Boasts a Luxurious 5 Piece Bathroom w/ Free Standing Shower, Jetted tub & waterfall faucets. Finished Basement with Large Family/Rec Room & Walk Out. 42x56x12 Lester built custom dream barn/shop:…

People Are Buying Homes AND GETTING MORTGAGES!

by The KCM Crew

Many believe that very few houses are selling and that almost no one can get a mortgage. We want to let everyone know that neither of these assumptions is true. Recently, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) released their Existing Homes Sales Report. According to the report there are, on average, 12,109 homes selling in the United States EACH and EVERY DAY! That means that approximately 12,000houses sold yesterday, approximately 12,000 will sell today and approximately 12,000 will sell tomorrow. So the thinking that homes aren’t selling just isn’t true.

Another interesting fact in the report was that 72% of these transactions were accompanied by a mortgage. That means that approximately 8,719 people qualify for a mortgage on a daily basis in this country.

There are over 12,000 homes sold and over 8,000 mortgages granted every day. The real estate market is doing better than many believe.

If you are considering Relocating to Colorado Springs, Purchasing a Home for Sa…

When the Prophet Says Buy – BUY!

by The KCM Crew

John R. Talbott, previously a Goldman Sachs investment banker, is a bestselling author and economic consultant. When it comes to the housing market he is also a prophet. When housing prices started to skyrocket in 2003, he published The Coming Crash in the Housing Market correctly warning us that a real estate bubble was forming. Then in January 2006, he called the absolute peak of home prices in the US by releasing a new book, Sell Now! The End of the Housing Bubble.

Mr. Talbott, the person who accurately predicted the housing bubble and its bust, now has a new prediction – IT IS THE TIME TO BUY A HOME! In a recent article, Homes –Buy Now!, Talbott simply explains:

“I have been waiting for more than five years to offer this advice. It is now time in most cities across the country to buy a new home or refinance your existing home with thirty-year fixed rate mortgage debt.”

He goes on to explain that his conclusion is based on four different metrics, all of which favor buyi…

Mortgage Predictions for 2012

by Dean Hartman

It’s the time of year that we look ahead and attempt to give our best guesses about the market, the industry, and the effects they may have. So, here are my thoughts about the mortgage world:

Interest Rates Should Be Stable
With a faltering economy nationally and worldwide, including pessimistic estimates for employment, there is little chance that the Fed will risk increasing rates which would jeopardize any recovery. Couple that with a Presidential Election in November and conventional wisdom, and we’ll see rates hovering in the same neighborhood for most of 2012.

Mortgage Costs Will Increase
Quietly tucked away in those bills passed in Congress to extend the payroll tax cuts before the holidays was an increase of 10 basis points in the guarantee fees on loans sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That will translate into .10% higher interest rates (which would be $4000 extra on a $200,000 loan over 30 years). Interestingly enough, the additional revenue is not going to Fan…

Comparing Real Estate To Other Investments

by The KCM Crew

We recently posted Real Estate: Today’s Golden Opportunity comparing the current housing market to the market for gold about a decade ago. Some commented on the fact that you can’t compare gold to real estate as an investment as gold is a very liquid asset and it would take more time and effort to sell a house. We were not trying to make the case for real estate vs. gold as an investment in our blog. We were just showing that all investments go through cycles and that the best time to buy any investment may be when everyone is saying not to.

However, since the subject of comparing real estate to other investments has come up, let’s take a closer look. There are two major advantages to investing in a home of your own rather than another option:

You Can’t Live in Your IRA

When you buy your own home you are not taking available dollars away from another investment. You are replacing one housing expense (rent) which has no potential for a return on investment with another (mor…