Insiders Guide to Buying A Colorado Springs Home!

Buying a home doesn't have to be an intimidating process, in fact, it can be an extremely rewarding, and adventurous endeavor that you really can enjoy. From beginning to end you will overcome obstacles, find personal success, and eventually find the home of your dreams in Colorado Springs. Buying a home can be very rewarding, and a great learning experience. If you're ready to take the leap and purchase your first home, we would be honored to help you find a place that fits your needs, and you'll be making the right choice by hiring the best real estate agent in Colorado Springs. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make buying a home a great experience.

Get a Real Estate Agent
One of the first steps you'll take in buying a home is finding the best real estate company in Colorado Springs. This is an important step because, while you can do most of the house buying on your own, it can be challenging to know what the best steps are, and it really helps when you have someone you trust in your corner to help you make those decisions with expert information. We see a lot of homes, and we want you to make the best investment for you, which means we can take our experience to help you. While you may only have one week worth of real estate experience, if you pair that with my twenty-five years of experience, and you'll be going into this with so much more.

Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval
Many people think that the first step is to find a home that you love, and then get the financing figured out. You really want to find out how much you can get approved for before falling in love with that dream home with the mountain view, though. If you need guidance on a good mortgage lender to work with, we can suggest a few that have been extremely helpful in the past.

Look At & Choose A Home
This isn't quite as easy as the six-word headline makes it sound, but it can be one of the most fun parts of buying a home. You can start by putting a list together of the top things you want to get in a home. Some of the things you'll want to consider are how many bedrooms you'll need, anything specific you're looking for, like a large kitchen, a garage, or a huge backyard, and then finally the most that you want to spend on your home. As you look through homes in the surrounding Colorado Springs area, we can help you narrow them down, but ultimately, you are the one who knows exactly what you need. After you've looked around and narrowed it down, it's time to make a decision!

Secure Your Funding
You originally only got a pre-approval, but it's time to get pre-qualified with your lender and make sure that everything is secured just the way you need it. Ask your lender if there is anything specific that they won't cover in their loan because this will make a determination on the home you choose. Some government loans won't allow specific homes because of structural features, location, or condition of the home. It's best to know these things before you get your heart set on something that isn't feasible.

Make An Offer
It's time to make your offer! This is a very exciting time in the home buying process, and we can't wait to take this step with you. After signing paperwork, you will need to figure out how much you need to pay for closing costs. Sometimes it's needed upfront, sometimes you can wait a few days, but it is something you'll need to figure into your budget. Most of the time you'll get this money back. We will also start to look at the inspections you need to get on your home, occasionally there are specific ones that are need aside from the required one. If your home passes the inspection, it's time to move to the last step.

Celebrate at Closing!
Congratulations! You've officially closed on your first home! Well, almost anyway. We're going to do a final walk through to make sure that everything looks the way you were expecting it to, and then it will be time to sign the closing paperwork. NOW you are a home owner and we couldn't be more proud.

Buying a Home in Colorado Springs
This new adventure is filled with so many exciting pieces and we are excited to make this journey with you. Now you can fill your home with your favorite furniture and have a place to call your own. Aside from helping you buy a home, we can also help you sell a Colorado Springs home as well. So, for all of your Colorado Springs real estate needs, come to the team who cares about you the most - The Mike MacGuire Team!

Mike MacGuire
Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent

The MacGuire Team
6760 Corporate Dr
Ste 300
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

719-536-4324 or 719-660-6793


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