Things to Do For Your Home In October

We're almost halfway through October, and that means that there are a few things you need to check off your to-do list before the month ends. Owning a home in Colorado Springs can be one of the most gratifying things you'll do. It's freeing to know that you can do whatever you want to your home, and live in it the way you please. It also required a bit of maintenance, which is why your Colorado Springs Real estate agent wants to share a few important tasks with you.

Test the Sump Pump

You don't think about testing this aspect of your home, but when you need it and it fails, you'll wish you had. Start by locating the exit pipe and making sure that it's not clogged. Look over your sump pump to make sure that the electrical cord is plugged in, and then remove the lid and use a flashlight to inspect the inside. You can pour a few gallons of water into the basin of your sump pump to make sure that it pumps out water.

Check Water Softener and Add Salt If Needed

Go take a peek at your water softener and see if it needs more salt. If so, pour some in and enjoy your next shower ;).

Run Water and Flush Toilets in Unused Spaces

It's always a good idea to make sure the pipelines are cleared out and functioning properly. If you have bathrooms or kitchens in your home that don't get used on a regular basis, this month would be a great time to look them over.

Rake Leaves and Debris From Gutters and Downspouts

Fall is here, and with that comes falling leaves and extra debris. Take some time to rake up the leaves and either mulch them or have them disposed of to keep from fostering bacteria in your grass and mold around your home.

Change Furnace Filters

It is recommended that you change your furnace filter every two-three months depending on the size. When you rent your home, a landlord comes and takes care of this for you, but owning a home has a few responsibilities that you don't want to forget about, like this one.

Turn Off and Flush Outdoor Water Faucets

As winter approaches, pay attention to your outdoor faucets. To start will, you'll want to close the shut-off valve for the faucet. Then make sure that you disconnect your garden hoses, drain them, and hang them up for winter. Finally, drain your faucet. Open it up and let the residual water drain out. Standing water can break both the fixture and the shut-off valve which can create a big mess.

Cover or Store Outdoor Furniture

Goodbye summer, hello winter! While you may be able to keep some pieces outdoors to enjoy through the fall, you'll want to start packing some items up and getting them indoors where they'll be safe. At the very least, make sure to cover them.

Clean and Inspect Chimney

Can anyone say "hello fireplace"!! Fall is the perfect time to get the fireplace up and running for the colder winter months. Of course, before you can start it up, you should have a professional take a look and make sure that it's in good working order.

Clean Garbage Disposal

This is a routine task that you'll want to keep up on, so throw a few lemon rinds and ice cubes in, turn it on and let it clean itself!

Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

This is a very important safety task, and your detectors can be the make or break between a situation becoming worse. Especially as we move into the winter months, if you have propane a carbon monoxide detector is imperative.

Your Colorado Springs Home

There's nothing more freeing than owning your own home. You can customize it, beautify it, and care for it exactly the way you like. The same freedom also means that there are some tasks you'll need to perform, but with a little preparation, and a day of walking through your home accomplishing tasks - you won't have any issues. If you don't own your own home yet, now is a great time to start! Let the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs help you out - visit our website to learn more:

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