Best Backyard Upgrades For Summertime Parties!

Summertime is a great time to host outdoor parties with warmer weather and longer days to enjoy.  Bar-B-Ques, birthdays, holidays all make your backyard a perfect spot to host your next event.  This summer you need to have your space ready for any occasion so now is the time to get your backyard ready! Plus, when it comes time to sell your Colorado Springs home, your backyard improvements will help your resale value.  Our team of Colorado Springs real estate agents has a few tips on backyard upgrades for summertime parties.

Create An Inviting Space

Hosting outside parties are fun and having the right space to have the festivities are important.  Some homes are built with amazing outdoor space making hosting your next big event, effortless.  However, many people have homes with a blank backyard canvas, so they can create the outdoor space that fits their needs and style.  One of the first steps when creating your outdoor area is to create a plan that makes it inviting for guests.  You want them to feel comfortable and relaxed.  Analyze your lawn, try to create a lush grassy area that welcomes guests that includes manicured landscaping.  Clean up any areas that have bare spots, pull weeds, and just add to your overall existing yard.  If you have a deck, patio or an existing space to host your next event, make sure it is what you need.  Be prepared by having a space to fit the size of your largest party you plan to host.  If your deck or patio is not large enough, consider expanding the area or create additional seating in another area of the yard. 

Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Seating For Guests

Create areas in your backyard for people to gather.  Have plenty of functional chairs, benches, swings or any other seating options that fit your style.  You may consider creating multiple seating options throughout the whole yard versus just one sitting area.  Keep in mind your guests may be of all ages so the ease of getting in and out of seating will need to be kept in mind.  Find seating that fits your overall style.  Consider adding seat cushions to existing furniture to spruce it up.  This time of year you can pop your outdoor space with color to create the perfect summertime atmosphere.

Light Up Your Yard

Summertime means the days are longer which makes moving events outdoors ideal.  However, don't let nighttime end your festivities, create a space that is well lit for any time of the day.  Make sure all lights outside are working and bulbs are replaced.  Add additional lights to light up all areas of your yard to create the right ambiance.  It will help your guests feel comfortable and the area well-lit for people to move around.  Don't forget to add lighting along walkways and stairs.  It can help prevent tripping and accidents.

Spruce Up The Grilling Area

A great party will include food and drinks.  Make your food and drink station big enough to host your next big event.  You may already have a grill but consider adding a bar station and food station to go with it.  It allows you to set everything outside and not take up table space where your guests will eat.  You can be creative on ways to set up and design your food and drink stations but keep it functional.  The key is to make it fit your style and backyard. 

Homes in Colorado Springs

Creating the perfect outdoor space is a fun home upgrade that can have huge benefits to the value of your home.  By adding some of these backyard upgrades to your home in Colorado Springs, you will create a great space to host your next outdoor event.  Home upgrades are essential as a homeowner so why not choose an upgrade that will create memories.

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