Home Tours: What Should You Be Looking For?

When looking at a home and deciding whether it would be the best place for you to buy, there are a few key things you need to look for in order to make your determination. From top to bottom, you’ll want to look over a home, because while some things are easily looked over, other items could play a huge role in the maintenance requirements and updates in the home. When buying a home in Colorado Springs, you don’t have to try to sort through this all on your own. The best real estate team in Colorado Springs is here to help. Here are a few things to look at when touring your next home.

Don’t Judge By The Paint Job

It can be easy to get whisked off into a home by the color of the walls. If they are a nice trendy gray, you may find yourself naturally loving the home, but missing some key things that would be a no go. On the other hand, you may walk in and be greeted by bold purple & red walls and immediately want to run away - yet miss the great potential that only a new color could bring out. We know it’s hard to ignore the colors, especially if you’re visual, but when you walk into a home, ignore them and realize that they can change easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

Pay Attention to Insulation

Especially when buying a home in Colorado Springs, you want to make sure the new home that you purchase is well insulated. Touring homes in winter can have a huge advantage because you can feel whether a home is holding warmth in or not. Check the seals around the windows and doors, take a peek in the attic, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about the home and what measures have been taken to keep it well insulated. While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a look at the heating system. If it’s a cold day, it should be running and you can listen for weird sounds and check the vents to make sure warm air is coming out.

Roof Repairs

It’s important to pay special attention to the roof of a home before you even step foot inside. The roof of a home is not only vital to the value and life of your home, but it’s also expensive to replace. Does it look new, or do you see areas that are caving in? If you see large gaping holes, well, you may just want to move on or discuss with the homeowner about repairs and replacement. On the other hand, a newer roof could mean that you will have lower homeowners insurance. If the roof is made from sturdy materials, you may also find that the home is better equipped to handle things like hail damage, which saves you from making a claim.

Trust Your Nose

Whether a home has been vacated for a while or still has a family living in it, let your nose tell you a bit about the story. If you notice that the smell of potpourri is potentially drowning something else more sinister out - investigate. Not only can carpets hold stains, but they can old odors, mold, and other bacterias. If the carpet needs to be replaced, you’ll want to make note ahead of time. Other things you’ll want to pay attention to will be the bathroom, basement, kitchen, or other areas around the home where moisture may sit. Your nose can tell you a lot about a home, so trust it as you walk through.

This is NOT a No Touch Zone

It may feel a little weird to walk through a home checking every lightswitch, flushing all of the toilets, and turning on all of the sinks - but don’t be intimidated. Buying a home is a huge step and a large investment. If there is something quirky about the home, you want to know beforehand, and not find out later that one of the light switches doesn’t seem to control anything, and that the toilet in the guest bathroom doesn’t work. Even go so far as to taste the water, you really do want to know if there’s something up. Finding issues before you buy means that you can negotiate with the sellers to have it fixed.

Colorado Springs Real Estate

When you buy a home in Colorado Springs, we know that it’s going to be a huge step for you, but well worth it in the long run. There’s nothing quite like investing in something that belongs to you. Not to mention, you can customize and make this place your own through paint, renovations, remodeling and more. Many people are making the first step to buying their own home, and we want to help you with the process. Visit our website to learn more about buying a home with our Colorado Springs real estate team!

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