Reasons to Buy Your Home in the Winter

Winter isn't the most popular time to purchase a home, but it can be a great time to get what you’re looking for without the competition or the high prices. Both buyers and sellers tend to be more serious during the winter as well, which can mean there is less “window shopping." Here are a few reasons that you should consider buying a home in the winter months.

There May Be Less Competition

Winter can be a great time to buy your home because there can be less competition. Many people will choose to buy a home during the warmer spring and summer months. The weather is nicer and easier to tour the homes, and the landscapes offer more curb appeal. While buying a home in the winter months may not be as convenient, you may be glad when there aren’t many other people putting offers on the best home in Colorado Springs!

You Can Learn More About the Home

You can potentially learn more about the flaws in a home during the winter. From leaks in the roof and gutters, or possible defects in the heating system and window seals, winter can bring out these weaknesses. While the landscaping and curb appeal may not be as attractive in the winter as the summer, those are easily fixed when the right season comes around.

Prices Can Be Lower

Some sellers will take their home off the market because they don't think it will sell in the winter. Serious sellers will leave it on the market, and that can possibly mean lower prices for you. A serious seller who needs their home sold quickly could be willing to lower the price of their home, or fix things that they wouldn't normally have taken care of before. This is a great reason to consider buying Colorado real estate in the winter.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Because real estate prices can be lower in the winter, you could get more than you were originally expecting. You can upgrade to a larger home, or you can look for better amenities, like a large deck or vaulted ceilings. Sometimes you can also make more negotiations when it comes to furniture and decor that you would like to be included. This increased flexibility and the lower prices mean that winter is often a great time to buy a home in Colorado Springs.

Buy With Mike

The Mike MacGuire team wants to help you find your dream home during any time of the year. While every season in Colorado is beautiful, winter can be just as breathtaking as the rest. Not to mention the fun sports and activities that you can enjoy in our great state. If you’re ready to make Colorado your home, give us a call today and we’ll help you find the best home in Colorado!

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