Your August House Maintenance Checklist

Owning a home can feel like a big responsibility, but with a bit of organization, you can easily accomplish tasks, keep up on maintenance, and keep your home functioning properly. The best news is that you can dedicate one day a month to completing these tasks, so it doesn't have to take up the entire month. Here are a few things that The MacGuire Team thinks you should keep in mind for August as we wrap up the month.

Maintain Yard Growth

Summer is still hitting hard, and your lawn still needs basic maintenance to look beautiful. You may have to get your mowers, trimmer, and weed wacker out a few more times than just once a month in order to keep everything under control.

Inspect Basement Crawl Space for Moisture Issues

Nothing can put a damper on your end of summer fun than finding mold and moisture under your home. Especially when you've had a very wet summer, it's extremely important to find the issues before they become problems. Not only is mold under your home an unnerving thought, but it can also be a sign that there are other issues and you need to call a contractor for more info.

Mend Cracks and Gaps in the Driveway and Walkway

Hot and cold temperatures can play a huge roll in your driveway or walkway. While you may not be excited about fixing them right now, it can be challenging to get it taken care of in winter, and can make cleaning your driveway more challenging.

Look for Visible Signs of Ants, Termites and Other Destructive Insects

This will be a regular task that you'll perform on your home, but you'll definitely want to do it in August as you reach the end of summer. Termite swarms love warm weather, especially after a rain. Look for signs of termites by examining your floors for sagging places, termite tubes around the foundation of your home near the soil and wood, as well as wings laying around.

Clean and Repair Deck Patio As Needed

Your deck has seen a lot of fun this summer, but it's time to inspect it for any damage before winter hits. Broken boards, loose railing, or missing rail spindles are all things you'll want to get repaired, and you may as well do it now before it gets cold out.

Clean the Garbage Disposal

This is a routine task, and it's important to do. You can easily clean it by throwing in some ice cubes, old lemon peels, and baking soda, then starting it up. A dirty disposal not only creates a nasty stench in your kitchen but can become a home for fruit flies. Make sure to take a rag and clean behind the rubber insert on the inside as well.

Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors & Replace Batteries

Finally, it's time to test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. This is a very routine task that needs to be performed every other month at least. If the batteries need to be replaced, take a few moments to get them all changed out and get you ready for the next few months!

Maintaining Your Colorado Springs Home

You've worked hard and spent a lot of money on your new home, so it only makes sense to keep up on the maintenance. This helps your home stay beautiful, and can also make it easier if you decided to sell a Colorado Springs home. Take some time to complete these basic maintenance tasks and stay tuned for next month when we discuss what you need to do in September to prepare for fall! If you don't own any Colorado Springs real estate but are ready to start looking - contact me!

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