5 Updates to Your Home That Could Pay Off

For many, the fun part of owning your own home can be that you get to finally make it home. You can make all of the customized style changes that you've ever wanted to, and couldn't do while renting. Of course, while some updates don't really affect the value, like the paint color, others can really make a huge impact for better or for worse. Thankfully, most are great updates and can even improve the value of your home! As your Colorado Springs real estate agent, here are a few updates that can really improve the value of your home!

Minor Bathroom Remodel

Simple bathroom remodeling can be relatively cost-effective and in many cases yield 102% increase when it comes to resale. Adding a new tub, toilet, or updating the tile can be a quick easy fix and make the bathroom look brand new! Not to mention a new coat of paint, updated fixtures, and even a new light fixture can make a huge impact on the look of your bathroom - PLUS improve the value.

Landscaping & Exterior Improvements

Landscaping, whether done by you, or by a professional can make a huge impact in the appearance of your home. Adding shrubs around the base of your home, cleaning out the flower beds and adding new plants, or even adding a new coat of paint to your porch can work wonders. Exterior improvements could include adding new siding, updating the roofing materials, or pouring a sidewalk. These updates can often add 95.5% to 100% for the return of resale.

Basement Remodel

Depending on the buyers, an unfinished basement can either attract them (if they love a good project and want to make it their own) or send them running! If you've been considering finishing the basement for your own living purposes, it can add a value of 90.1%. Whether you decide to finish it out with bedrooms and bathrooms or make it a whole apartment style with a kitchenette, it can be a great investment for your Colorado Springs home.

Upgrading Windows

Nothing makes a buyer more excited than finding out that the old windows in a home have been recently replaced with brand new, energy efficient ones. The recoup rate is around 89.6%, and while that isn't as high as other upgrades, it can be something that you benefit from while living there. You can save money on your energy costs all of the time that you live there, and you may find that upgrading your windows is even more than just getting back on your investment when you sell.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

If the layout of your kitchen is great, but it just needs a cosmetic update, investing a little bit can go a long way. The average return at resale for a remodeled kitchen project is around 98.5% and you may find that it's worth every penny. New granite or marble countertops can be a quick fix if you want to upgrade the style and color. A new modern sink and fixtures can also be a beautiful way to make an impact. 

If anyone knows how much a remodel can benefit a home, it's your Colorado Springs real estate team. The MacGuire Team has been selling real estate in Colorado for over 25 years, and before that, Mike has been a lifelong resident. If you want to know what's trending in the Colorado real estate market, we can help! If you want to buy or sell a home in Colorado Springs, we can help with that, too!

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