Key Tips for Closing Before Christmas

You’re supposed to be able to deck the halls and have a holly jolly Christmas, but little did you know that your home was going to sell and it would be time to pack up and move at the same time. Moving any other time of the year can be stressful, but moving during the holidays can be even more so, along with a bit emotional as well. Here at The MacGuire Team, we know that it can be challenging, but we also know what a huge success it is for you to sell your home. We have a few tips to help make closing during Christmas a little easier for you and your family.

Be Patient

The holidays are already a busy time for most people, and if you’ll be selling your home, it will make it even more busy for you. Unfortunately, it can be a little more challenging to get things finished in your time frame during the busy winter months. So from the home inspections to the title companies, show a little patience and know that they really do want to help you succeed. Want to show some extra love? Show your kids what the holiday spirit is about by putting together plates of cookies (store-bought of course, because you're moving!), and let your kids help deliver them to the people who are working so hard to help get your house sold.

Carve Out Time for Family

Family time is always important, especially during the holidays, and even more so while selling your home during the holidays. Find a way to get your family together and enjoy time together, even if it’s just for dinner in the evenings or a special breakfast in the mornings. Read Christmas stories together, do some easy Christmas shopping, and enjoy the fact that you are all together for the holidays even if this year is a little different than the past celebrations.

Plan Your Final Walkthrough

You may have a lot on your mind this year, but that doesn’t mean that the walkthrough can’t go smoothly. You can rely on your Colorado Springs Real Estate agent to help you get your walkthrough plan together and make sure your house is ready to go. Take a look at the fixtures, the lightbulbs, and the little details that are so easy to overlook while trying to pack up your home. Do you have dings in the wall? Missing boards on the porch? If there are things you’ve missed, we can help you get them covered.

Find a Way to Make it Special

Finally, this may be hard time for your kids and pets because of the business that closing on your home. If your kids are used to having certain Christmas traditions, make sure to continue them. If you always go look at the Christmas lights for Christmas Eve - do it! Look for fun activities around Colorado Springs to help make Christmas meaningful for them. That doesn’t mean you have to make it “busier”, but it does mean you make memories during a busy time. Especially if you won’t be putting up your tree in your new home.

Colorado Springs Real Estate

When you’re ready to move, whether it be during the holidays or not, we are ready to help. We stand by our philosophy that condition and price sell homes. The market controls the price. You control the condition. The MacGuire Team will help you prepare your property for the market. Our comprehensive Listing Enhancement Services provide you with: Professional Home Staging Consultation, Cleaning Service prior to going on the market, Handyman Service, Storage Unit Rental. Ready to get started? Visit our website or give us a call at 719-536-4324.

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