5 Home Improvements That Will Increase Your Home’s Value This Year

Home maintenance is a vital part of home ownership. Your Colorado Springs real estate team knows the importance of the value of a home. Many homeowners budget each year to tackle large projects and monthly maintenance tasks to keep their home's in top shape. Our blog today will review our recommended 5 Home Improvements to your home that will increase your home's value this year. We have a few suggestions to keep your home in the right condition. Whether you are thinking about listing your home or want to stay on top of maintaining your home's value, here are a few improvements that can help!

Repair or Replace Your Roof

Your roof can be one of the more expensive repairs with your home but neglecting this repair can lead to more damage that can become costly. You need to check your roof regularly to make sure you don't have any damage, especially after major storms. If you don't feel comfortable checking for damage, many roofing companies will come out and inspect your roof free of charge.

Neglecting your roof can lead to major repairs down the road. Once a roof is damaged, it can cause leaks that could result in replacing the wood underneath as well as potentially the inside of your home. Leaks will eventually damage the interior roof that could also result in mold. At this point, your budget to replace your roof and the damage caused will be much higher.

If you are planning on listing your home, a new roof could increase the value of your home. A buyer will have peace of mind knowing they won't have to factor in the cost of a large home repair in their future. Right now, roofs can last 25+ years so this isn't a repair that will need to be done often unless you receive major storm damage down the road. Plus, check with your home insurance to see what benefits you have with them to replace your roof. Especially, if your roof is damaged from previous storms your homeowner's insurance may cover to repair or replace the roof. This will help with this large expense and you may only have your deductible to pay out of pocket.

Garage Door Update

As guests drive up to your house or a potential buyer, your garage door makes a big impression. This is one of the first items on your home that anyone sees. Check your garage door for any dings, paint chips and functionality. Make sure all remotes are working and any batteries are replaced. Most garage doors have lights on the unit inside the garage so check to make sure all lights are replaced and in working order. If your garage door is not a simple quick fix, it may be time to replace the door altogether. The garage door can often times be overlooked, many people focus on landscaping and doing other exterior updates. Updating your garage door can definitely pay off when it comes to the value of your home. If you spend time updating your exterior, don't overlook the garage door during this process. This one repair or update can increase the overall value of your home. Make sure you pick colors and doors that match the overall look and feel of your home.


Your home's flooring is one of the top improvements you can do to your home to increase the value. Whether you have worn out carpet, scratched up hardwoods, or damaged tile, updating your flooring can significantly improve the value of your home. Once again, if you think you will list your house down the road, this improvement will be a huge factor in your home's appeal to a potential buyer.

If the flooring in your home isn't old, you may get by with just refinishing your hardwood floors. There are videos and products for you to do this yourself or we recommend you hire a professional company that can come in and refinish them for you. Many times, this is a more affordable option and can improve your home's appearance rather than replace the entire flooring.

If you have carpet in your home, you can make it look practically new with a nice, professional cleaning in most cases.  You may also see your carpet looking loose. Hiring a professional company to come in to stretch your carpet will also make a huge difference. If you realize the carpet needs to be replaced altogether, then make sure you do a little research to see which brands and styles last the longest.

For the tile and vinyl in your home, a thorough cleaning could make a huge impact. Take time and clean out dirty or stained grout. This alone can make your floor look brand new. Replace any chipped, cracked, or missing tiles. Make sure you match your existing color and style. For vinyl, make sure your patterns don't look dated or worn out.

Patios and Decks

Decks and patios are big selling points in home's and doing a little maintenance could make a big impact on your home value. It is a good idea to check your decks on a regular basis for loose boards, rotted boards, or any structural damage. Always replace the damage to keep the structure sound and to prolong having to replace the entire deck. Yearly power washing and protective stains/paints can help the lifespan of your decks.

Patios can be a nice addition to any home and become an outdoor retreat area. Patios generally are made of pavers and many people can get creative with how they design their patio area. If you currently have a patio, power wash the pavers or stones, add a fire pit, pergola, or clean up the existing landscaping. You want your outdoor living space to be as relaxing as your indoor living space.



The insulation in your home can save you thousands of dollars every year. Properly installed insulation in your home can reduce heating and cooling costs. Your insulation is between the walls in your home, attic, and crawlspaces. You can check your own insulation in your home in two ways. First, go in the attic and make sure all the insulation is in place and hasn't fallen off. Typically, the attic's insulation is exposed so this should be a quick check. There is a recommended amount of insulation that should be installed and most of the time it is visible. If you aren't sure if you have enough, call a professional to do an inspection. Most companies will inspect your home free of charge. The second place to check your insulation is between the walls. The best way to do this is through an outlet. You will want to turn off the electric to that outlet and then remove the outlet cover. The goal is to pull out some of the insulation to measure the thickness. Once again, a professional can give you a quick inspection and save you time.


Improving Your Colorado Springs Real Estate

If anyone knows how much a remodel can benefit the value of your home, it's your Colorado Springs real estate team. Our recommended 5 Home Improvements, will increase the value of your home and typically don't fall into a monthly maintenance schedule for homeowners so they can be easily overlooked.  Most of these tips, once they are completed, will last years so you won't have to repair or replace them for a long time.  The MacGuire Team has been selling real estate in Colorado for over 25 years, and before that, Mike has been a lifelong resident. If you want to know what's trending in the Colorado real estate market, we can help! If you want to buy or sell a home in Colorado Springs, we can help with that, too!

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