Things to do for your home in February!

February is almost over, but you still have time to get a few things checked off of your February Maintenance Checklist. With your Colorado Springs Home, you may find yourself looking for indoor tasks to help with cabin fever this winter. Regular upkeep in your home can keep your home value up as well as stay on top of repairs before they become too costly.  Here is a short list of things you can knock out this weekend to keep you home well cared for.

Clean and Vacuum Curtains

Curtains collect dust!  Always double check the cleaning instructions on your curtains before washing.  Some you can just toss in your washer to freshen up.  Others can only be hand washed.  If they aren't too bad you can just grab a vacuum and knock the dust off.  Make sure not to overlook the curtain rods and the top of the curtains when you vacuum.  That is where most of the dust will collect. 

Check Caulking Around Showers and Bathtubs

Caulking can help prevent leaks on showers and bathtubs.  By adding this to your yearly checklist you can prevent any future water leak damage.  Most times the leaks start off slow and undetected until visible damage occurs.  Caulk gets old and it will crack and split which causes the water to slowly seep out.  If you don't take care of leaking water the sub-floor under your bathtub or shower will rot.  If this happens, your repairs will really add up, so plan to inspect and replace caulk on a regular basis.

Repair Any Interior Wall Damage

We live in our home so it is only natural to get marks, chips, dents, and blemishes on our walls.  We recommend going through each room of your house and cleaning all these up.  This simple task can give your home a quick uplift to make it look fresh and polished.  Not to mention, it helps maintain the value of your home.  If you haven't already, this is a great time to keep a record of paint colors and brands used so in the future you can quickly match wall colors.  Don't forget the baseboards!  This is a quick way to really freshen up the look of your house by cleaning and repairing chips to baseboards.

Ice Dams & Icicles

We mentioned this one on last month's checklist but with winter still here, we feel it is worth mentioning again.  Ice on your roof can be a huge problem when it starts to cause ice dams and icicles.  These formations can be extremely heavy on your gutter system. You can help keep these from forming by using a long-handled broom to sweep snow from your roof. If you get them often, you may want to have a roof inspector come take a look because there could be something more serious happening.

Test Cabon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors-Replace Batteries

We all get told to check our smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors but for most this gets neglected more than we would like to admit.  This is an extremely quick and easy maintenance task but until we need them, we don't think about it.  Out of all of our home maintenance items, this one is the most lifesaving task that only takes minutes to do.  Grab a step stool and run a quick test.  It is always good to replace batteries twice a year just to be safe.   

Clean Garbage Disposal

Every month you’ll want to clean it out, and it only takes a few minutes. Pour some ice down it, a little baking soda, and a few lemon or lime rinds to help get it sparkling clean.  We use this only a daily basis so make sure it is in top working condition can save you from repairs down the road. 

Your Home To-Do List 

You may have a long to-do list, but your home is just as important as the rest. If you ever want to sell your home, it can be easier to prepare it for listing if you have kept up on the little maintenance tasks. If you don’t, you could have a lot of little things, or even a few large things looming over you as you prepare to list. Take a few minutes this weekend to run down the list and clear your mind of these little home maintenance tasks. Procrastination will only lead to more repair time and more costs, so take some time each month for home maintenance.  If you decide that you are ready to sell a Colorado Springs home, don’t forget that you can count on the best real estate team in Colorado Springs for all of your selling or home buying in Colorado!

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