Tips To Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

First impressions leave a lasting impression!  Make sure when you are selling your Colorado Springs home, you make the right first impression.  The curb appeal of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see.  Many buyers will look at your home online and then do a quick drive by before scheduling to see your home.  Make sure your home is ready! Our team of Colorado Springs real estate agents has a few tips on how to spruce up the curb appeal of your home.

Clean Up

Make sure the outside of your home is clutter free.  Don't leave toys, ladders, tools or anything that could take away from the potential buyer seeing themselves living in the home.  Just like the inside, you want to have everything tidy.  Take it to a storage unit if you don't have the proper storage at the house.

Power wash the outside of the house.  Power washing siding can make a home look brighter and fresh.  Wash all decks, windows and any other areas that collect dust, mildew, webs and overall grime.  Don't forget to keep the home clutter free while it is on the market for those drive-by lookers.


Repair any exterior damage.  Make a list and tackle it so your home is ready when the buyer makes an offer.  Paint trim, decks, doors or anything with chipping paint.  You want a clean ready to move in look.  A fresh coat of paint can make your front door pop and look inviting to the buyer.  Stick with trending colors and our team can give you advice on the best home colors to use.

If your home has a mailbox, give it a facelift.  Plant some flowers around, put a fresh coat of paint on the post and make sure your home address numbers are intact.  You want your mailbox to resemble the overall look of the home. 


Clean up any weeds and dead plants/bushes around your house and replace them with new ones.  A potential buyer wants to move right in without a long "to do" list.  Having your landscaping ready from the beginning will help sell your home quicker.  Look at the overall appearance of your yard and use flowers to add color.  Adding rock or mulch also gives a yard a clean look that will impress.

You may not want to invest in sod for your yard, but you can fertilize and seed it.  Watering your yard and keeping it mowed will make a positive impact.  Buyers don't want to see a lot of work in their future when it comes to the outside. 

Spruce Up The Front Porch

Create a welcoming front porch.  Regardless if you have a large front porch or a small entryway, make it feel like home.  Make it pop by adding a welcome sign, wreath, plants, welcome mat or anything that shows off your porch.  Don't clutter the porch but make it inviting for the buyer.  Many people love to envision themselves sitting on their porch relaxing so show them exactly that.

Replace Exterior Lighting

Replace all light bulbs in all exterior light fixtures.  If you have a showing at night, this will make a huge impact if all lights are bright and working.  Replace any light fixtures that don't work or look dingy.  A simple paint to the fixtures could be the only thing needed to make it look new again.

If you don't have a lot of exterior lighting, consider investing in some.  Add lights to landscaping to make the outside bright and welcoming. 

Selling a Home in Colorado Springs

Cleaning up your exterior will make your home ready to sell!  It is the first part of your home a buyer will see so create an inviting atmosphere to encourage them to look inside.  These tips are easy, quick ways to be buyer ready.  Think like a buyer when looking for ways to spruce up your exterior.  If you don't like something, the buyer won't like it either.  If you need any advice, call our team of Colorado Springs real estate agents and we will guide you.

If you’re looking for the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs, we would love to offer our services. I have been involved in Colorado Springs real estate for over 25 years, and I’m also a Colorado native. Our team works well together to help you make the most of your real estate experience.  Visit our website to learn more about our real estate services. Let’s get started!

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