Buying The Right Retirement Home!

You are in the next chapter of your life which is an exciting time.  Retirement means these are the years you can relax and enjoy all your favorite hobbies.  Your current home may have a lot of memories, but it won't meet your needs as you age.  Finding a retirement home has different criteria than when you purchased your first home with a growing family.  Size, location, layout and other factors become extremely important.  You will want to find a home that is right for you now and as you age.  When deciding what home is right for you, calling one of our experienced Colorado Springs real estate agents is your first step in the home buying process.  If you are in the market to buy a retirement home in Colorado Springs, read our list of items to consider.

Consider The Following When Buying Your Colorado Springs Home To Retire In

  • Pick The Right Location- You are at a point in your life you can enjoy all your favorite hobbies.  Make a list of must-haves and start from there when deciding the right location. Pick a home that is close to places you like to visit. If you love golfing, consider buying a home on a golf course or a home near one.  After you retire, you will have more free time so find a neighborhood that is close to your social network.  This is a time in your life to enjoy those around you and make new memories.  
  • Look At The Homes Layout- The home you purchase to retire in will be one that you will grow older in. Pay close attention to all the details of the home.  There may come a time when mobility becomes tougher so make sure there is at least one bathroom with a walk-in shower. Pay attention to the size of rooms.  Down the road, you may need extra room to move around if you need a walker or wheelchair.   Look at the doorways to see if they are wide enough for wheelchairs.  One level homes are great to retire in because you won't have to worry about stairs.  Look at the height of appliances, storage shelves, and cabinet heights.  You will not want to climb ladders to get items you use often.  These factors may not be an issue now but could be someday.  Planning ahead now will save you money by getting a home you won't have to remodel to fit your needs later on.  
  • Consider The Amount Of Exterior Maintenance- Maintaining the exterior of your home is a chore many retirees don't want to mess with. Consider a home in an area with a Home Owners Association (HOA) fees that includes yard maintenance. If you don't want HOA fees, there are plenty of options in other neighborhoods and you can hire a company to do the exterior work for you. Another option is to consider homes with the least amount of maintenance as possible. After all, you should be spending your time enjoying life not doing chores. You earned it!
  • Is Public Transportation Accessible-  Right now you are driving a car with no problems.  Down the road, it may be a different story.  Buy a retirement home in Colorado Springs that has options to easily access public transportation.  Or buy in an area where restaurants, stores and other places you frequent are within walking distance.  You don't want to limit your options of being self-sufficient because you can't get where you need to go.  Plan ahead and it will save you from moving out of the home you dreamed of.  
  • Set A Budget- Being retired means spending time doing what you love.  Set a budget that is flexible enough for you to enjoy all your favorite hobbies.   Make sure to include in your budget hiring companies to help with repairs, maintenance, and miscellaneous chores.  As you age, you won't want or be able to handle all the homes responsibilities, so make sure this is included.  Health factors may become as an issue as well so plan to leave plenty of wiggle room in your budget to accommodate any pop-up situations.  The goal is to live independently as long as possible without running out of savings.   

Buying the Right Retirement Home in Colorado Springs

Finding the perfect home to retire in can seem overwhelming and that is why our Colorado Springs real estate team is here to help!  We will walk you through the process and make sure you find the right home to fit your lifestyle.  Finding the right retirement home means we help you find the home that fits your life now and for years to come.  As you search for your retirement home, don't forget to consider all the items mentioned above so you are happy for a long time in your next home choice.   

If you’re looking for the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs, we would love to offer our services. I have been involved in Colorado Springs real estate for over 25 years, and I’m also a Colorado native. Our team works well together to help you make the most of your real estate experience.  Visit our website to learn more about our real estate services. Let’s get started!

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