Colorado Springs Military Relocation Checklist-Part 2

Last week, we started our moving checklist when faced with Military relocation to Colorado Springs.  This week we will wrap up the checklist from 30 days before move day through moving day.  We know the challenges involved with military relocation and our real estate agents in Colorado Springs are here to help. Our Colorado Springs real estate agents specialize in giving military families peace of mind during this stressful time.  Our team will work diligently to provide a professional, smooth and supportive real estate transaction for military personnel and their families relocating to the Colorado Springs area.  Being as prepared as possible during the moving process will help with the overall relocation.  Read below for part two of our military relocation checklist. 


  • Plants don't travel well. Give them to your friends as "thank you" gifts
  • Have a going-away party for yourself and friends
  • Have another going away party for the children
  • Notify the school of your child's last day and request they have records ready.  If you cannot get the records, at least get the information you will need to register your child in a new school
  • Pick up medical records from physicians, dentists, church, lawyers, veterinarians, etc.  Ask for referrals, if possible
  • If you are planning a do it yourself move (DITY) reserve the rental truck or trailer and start collecting boxes.  Stop by the Transportation Office for any questions or concerns you may have
  • Finish cleaning out closets, drawers and toy chests.  Plan a garage sale or take the items you no longer need or want to a thrift store.  Keep the receipt for tax purposes
  • Notify utilities and home delivery services of disconnect dates.  Give them your forwarding address for the final bill
  • Schedule your telephone to be disconnected after the pack and pickup of your personal property.
  • Arrange for closing or transfer of local charge accounts
  • Back up important computer files
  • Check bank procedures for transferring funds or closing accounts, but don't close account until after you have opened a new account at your new destination and verified your direct deposit has actually been deposited into the new account.  (Note: if you like the banking institution you are currently using, consider keeping the account.  After you move, order new checks with your new address and phone number.  This is much easier than opening and closing accounts with each PCS move.)

  • Pick up items from the cleaners
  • Start cleaning your home or apartment for final inspection
  • Make sure you have enough luggage for the trip.  Check the locks and make sure you have more than one key for each
  • Have car serviced/tuned-up for the trip or storage.  Check oil, water, battery, belts, hoses, brakes and transmission fluid and tires
  • Empty safe deposit box if you plan to open a new one at the new destination. Put the items in your Records File that will be hand-carried with you to your new destination
  • Renew and pick up any necessary prescriptions. Ensure you have enough for at least two months
  • Drain oil and gas from the lawn mower and other equipment.  Dispose of all flammables
  • Keep listening carefully to children's questions.  Give frequent reassurance.  Children need the security you provide when the security of a home is changing
  • Pick up medical records at the post hospital.  Unless you have a power of attorney, the sponsor cannot pick up the medical or dental records of the spouse
  • Double check your family record file and place in a bag suitable for carrying with you on the trip.  Include: copies of orders, phone numbers of family and friends, duplicates of luggage/car/other important keys, home inventory of household goods plus pictures and receipts, medical and dental records
  • Arrange childcare for packing and moving day
  • Pick up a child's travel activity pack from the Relocation Readiness Program
  • Take down curtains, rods, shelves, etc.  Remove items from attics, crawl space or similar storage areas.  It is your responsibility to make these items accessible to movers

  • Get your home ready for the packers.  Wash all clothes that will be shipped, pack suitcases, organize closets, cabinets and drawers.  Put everything in its place to make unpacking easier
  • Before movers arrive to pack your possessions for shipment and/or storage, disconnect all major appliances if living off-post.  Empty the refrigerator so it can dry at least 48 hours before the movers arrive
  • Put a cotton sock filled with charcoal and a sock filled with detergent into the refrigerator and freezer.  These will absorb moisture and prevent mildew
  • Separate professional books, tools and papers into one pile.  These do not count against your weight allowance
  • Dismantle stereo sets, outdoor play equipment, etc.  Audio and video equipment and personal computers require special attention.  Always consult your owner's manual for specific instructions
  • Use tape to code wiring on electronic equipment for easier reinstallation
  • Have original cartons available for the carrier to use.  Anything that a carrier accepts for shipment and lists on the inventory they are liable whether they packed or you packed the item.  They will check the boxes you packed to make sure you have adequately protected the items and you have not packed anything that is flammable, perishable or illegal
  • Place valuables, cash, jewelry, purses, and family records file in a safe place such as locked in the trunk of your car
  • Separate items into different piles such as "hand carry and luggage", "unaccompanied baggage", "storage", "ship", and "professional"
  • Give a copy of travel plans, with date, route, and phone number to a supervisor, orderly room, sponsor, relatives, etc
  • Allow children to choose one small toy/book for carry on luggage, one for suitcase and several small pieces for hold-baggage.  They may even wish to pack one box of non-breakable items.  They may put their name and draw a picture on the side of the box to feel more a part of the move
  • Buy traveler's checks for the trip, unless you plan to use an ATM or debit card
  • Call Housing Office and confirm walk-through inspection date and time
  • Take photos of your home, church, the children's school, friends, play areas, etc for memories
  • Arrange for childcare. Place pets in a safe place
  • Watch the packers very carefully to see they understand and know exactly which items are to be packed.  You can indicate this by putting different colored stickers on each item or separate by rooms
  • Mirrors, paintings, and other items easily damaged or broken should be packed by moving company personnel
  • Pack a "moving day needs" box with cleaning supplies, sponges, paper towels, toilet and facial tissue, bath towels, bath soap, shampoo, can opener, paper plates, napkins, plastic eating utensils, snacks, coffee, tea, soda, light bulbs, scissors, hammer, band-aids, and trash bags.  Put it in your car or safely away from packers
  • Visit Loan Closet to borrow cots, dishes, pots, and pans, etc
  • If you have small children, take some of the childproofing devices (outlet covers, cabinet locks, etc) with you to use on the way
  • Pack your phone book with your luggage.  It may be helpful for names or addresses later
  • Put everything you don't want to be shipped in a locked, labeled closet to prevent packing
  • Keep a log of all moving expenses incurred.  This will be helpful for completing your travel claim and your tax return.  Keep all receipts.  If not needed, discard later.  If you and your family are traveling separately, keep two logs
  • If you have any emergencies during the transit, stop at the nearest military installation or American Red Cross.  They can contact Army Emergency Relief or your next post
  • Take time to enjoy the trip.  Moving can be a positive, rewarding experience.  Make the most of it!

Military Relocation to Colorado Springs

We covered a list of items to accomplish from 30 days out until the day you move in this Colorado Springs military relocation checklist blog.  Military Relocation can be a fast process with a lot of details involved and our Colorado Springs real estate team is here to help!  We will walk you through the entire process and make sure you find the right home to fit your lifestyle.  Our team is extremely familiar with military relocation and we are ready to help you find your next home in Colorado Springs. Don't forget to ask about our cash incentive we offer our military members when buying a home in Colorado Springs!

If you’re looking for the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs, we would love to offer our services. I have been involved in Colorado Springs real estate for over 25 years, and I’m also a Colorado native. Our team works well together to help you make the most of your real estate experience.  Visit our website to learn more about our real estate services. Let’s get started!

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