How Long Should Your Systems & Appliances Last - Part 2

As you probably realize, there is a lifespan on everything you purchase. While you can lengthen the life of your appliances through care and maintenance, at some point they will finally need to be replaced. Here is a basic guideline for the average lifespan of your appliances, as well as the average cost to replace these items. Remember, it's important to get a quote from your local appliance store, not only for the cost of the appliance but the installation of it as well.

Trash Compactor
If you have a trash compactor in your home, it's important to make sure that it's in good condition. They will generally last for about 6 years, and only cost about $554 to replace.

Your oven will last around 13-15 years, and you will want to budget about $1,000 to replace this appliance if you need to.

With many microwaves being installed into a home instead of a free-standing appliance, you'll want to make sure that this appliance works, and is also clean when your home is being shown. You can expect this appliance to last, on average, 9 years, and cost around $300 to replace.

Electrical aspects of your home are generally good for about 10 years, and they will cost $1,343 to replace. If you don't know anyone locally who can perform maintenance on your home - we can recommend some amazing professionals in the area who can help get your home ready to sell.

Garage Door Opener
You may not think about this system - until it breaks down and you can't pull your vehicle into the garage. You can expect for this to last around 10 -15 years, and cost about $319 to replace.

When you buy a new fridge, you can expect for it to last around 13 years, and when you need to replace it, it's a good idea to have $1,500 set aside for this upgrade. While you'll most likely be bringing your fridge to your next home with you, it's nice to know when you'll need to save for a new one.

Washer & Dryer
Your washer and dryer will generally last between 10 and 13 years, with a replacement cost of about $1,000. Like the refrigerator, you'll probably take these appliances with you when you move, though some sellers decide to leave them with the home. If you'll be doing this, don't forget to let your Colorado Springs real estate agent know about this.

Finally, the most intimidating repair of them all - the roof. You can expect your roof to last around 20-30 years, and the replacement cost is an average of $6,624 depending on where you're located, the materials that you use, and the size of your roof. Don't let a bad roof keep you from selling your home. We can recommend many great roofers in the area who can help you get this investment fixed.

Buying a Home in Colorado Springs
Whether you're buying a home, and want to know what to look for and what questions to ask about appliances - or you're a seller and need to know what you should repair before selling, we can help. The MacGuire Team has been selling real estate in Colorado Springs for over 25 years, and our vast knowledge can be a huge asset to you through the process of buying or selling. Visit our website to learn more about our buying process and selling strategies - we're here to help!

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