7 Staging Trends for 2017

Staging your home is a method of decorating that can showcase your home’s best assets, impress buyers, and help it to sell quickly for the highest possible price. At The MacGuire Team, we want to help you accomplish exactly that! Which is why we highly recommend staging your home. Whether it’s been on the market for a day or a year - staging can bring new life to your Colorado Springs home that can’t be achieved in most other ways. Here are a few design trends that we’ve seen on the market in 2017. The year is only half over and if you want to sell a Colorado Springs home, it’s never too late to try these!

1. Create A Gathering Place

We’re seeing more and more that people are wanting a place to gather and entertain. Maybe it’s because of long work hours and too much time spent in front of electronics - but face to face gathering spaces are becoming really popular. Whether you do it indoors or out, you can create a space that is loved by the entire family and begs for them to congregate.

2. Try Taupe

Are you looking for a new color to paint the walls? We suggest being careful when painting the walls of your home before selling, only because it can sometimes send buyers away if it’s not their style - but if you DO want to repaint your home, taupe is the way to go. White will always be popular because of the clean look it brings, but shades of gray and taupe are hitting the market hard and will probably be here for a while.

3. More Authentic Use of Space

Many buyers are downsizing on the size of their homes, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want quality use of their space. Showcase that fact that your home can be easily converted from an office to a dining room, or a living space and kitchen can be combined into one open concept. These aspects are really trending right now as people are searching for livable homes.

4. Warm Textures

You can’t go wrong when you incorporate natural and warm textures into your home. Buyers are looking for spaces that seem homey and inviting, and textures like cork and wood are doing just that. You don’t need to perform a complete overhaul of your space, but you can highlight the pieces of your home that have those. Plus, a few warm throws and pillows can really change your space.

5. Create Copper Accents

Copper is really popular this year, so if you want to catch your buyer's attention you can include pops of this metallic color throughout your home. Metallics have been popular for a while, but copper takes center stage this year because it has some great health benefits. It can help reduce more than 99.9% of bacteria, so it’s ideal for a family home.

6. Go Green

While eco-friendly options in a home are popular, we’re actually referring to the color. Greenery is the color of the year according to Pantone, and you’ll be seeing shades of this bright, vibrant hue through many homes. Pops of color in your pillows and accents can have a fun impact on your home staging.

7. Contemporary Glamour

If you want to really make an impact in your space with exciting pieces, contemporary glamor is in. It combines the smooth lines of the contemporary style with the glamor of gold and faux fur.

Selling a Home in Colorado Springs

You can never be too careful when it comes to selling your home. While this may be a seller's market, you give yourself the best possible chance of selling fast and at the highest price when you present your home in the best possible light. Whether that means having it professionally cleaned and repaired, or hiring a stager to make your home look incredible - these steps can make all of the difference. Are you ready to get started? My team of real estate agents in Colorado Springs are ready to help you sell your home this year!

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