Dos and Don'ts for Your Final Walk - Through

Congratulations! If you've made it to the final walk through in the process of selling your home, you are in the final stages. When you sell a Colorado Springs home, the buyer will do a final walk-through of your home, and it's a big deal. For the buyer, it's their first opportunity to see the house without any of the decorations or furniture that may have been there before, and it's a big deal for YOU as the seller because it's an opportunity for you to prepare for the closing and set the tone. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your final walk-through.

Walk-Through Dos

DO Leave Keys, Owner's Manuals, and Warranties

Label all of the keys to the home and leave them in one place in a bag or envelope where they will find them. Your buyers will also appreciate if you leave any owner's manuals or warranties for appliances in on drawer where they can find them and refer to them when necessary.

DO: Provide a Vendor List

Have you hired and been happy with a specific pest control company, or home maintenance service? It's completely appropriate to leave a referral for them in your home before you leave. They will appreciate knowing who they can trust, and who is already familiar with their new home.

DO: Clean Your Home From Top to Bottom

It is important that your home is immaculate for the buyer walk-through. After you've moved all of your belongings out (staged pieces or other articles), you will want to give your home a complete cleaning. Look for the details and don't overlook something just because you think the buyer won't notice. Peek inside every cabinet, refrigerator, oven and more.

DO: Make Note of Any Damage

Moving can often invoke damages in the process. A scuffed wall, and dinged door frame - If you accidentally break something in the process, be sure to mention it to your Colorado Springs real estate agent. From there we can work together to make arrangements to have it repaired.

DO: Replace Burned Out Bulbs

Does this seem like a silly task? Buyers will most likely check to see if light fixtures are working, so you'll want to check them before you leave.

Walk-Through Don'ts

DON'T: Leave Anything Behind 

When you leave, your house should be complete empty. Don't leave anything except for items that have been agreed upon like certain pieces of furniture, appliances, etc. Pick up all trash and dispose of it properly before leaving for the last time.

DON'T: Forget About the Landscaping

While you're so busy on the inside, it can be easy to forget out your landscaping, but it's important to not overlook this. Tidy things up, and remember to clean out the shed, under the deck, and remove any garden decor.

DON'T: Wait Until the Very Last Minute

When going through the process of closing your home, you will be incredibly busy. Not to mention that in the process of moving from one home, you're probably moving INTO another. Do not wait until the very last minute to look over your home and make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Plan to have your house vacated a few days before closing to prepare your home for the walk-through.

Selling A Colorado Springs Home

The MacGuire Team knows how hard it can be to get your home ready to sell, and even more so to prepare it for the final walk-through. Because of this, we provide ample amounts of advice throughout the process so that it can go as easy as possible. If you are selling your home, it's important to entrust this task to the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs. We would be honored to work with you!

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