Don't Wait Until Spring To Declutter Your Home!

We all want to "Love Where We Live" and living in clutter, can take away from that feeling.  It is amazing how quickly homes can fill up with stuff.  Over time we start accumulating keepsakes until one day you feel like you don't have any space in your home.  Most people take the time to declutter their home at least once a year.  Some of us wait until our big Spring Cleaning to tackle this daunting project, however, we suggest tackling your decluttering project now before the weather gets nice.  Save those outdoor projects for that nice weather and get the indoor projects knocked off your list.   If you think you may be selling your Colorado Springs home, decluttering now will help you when you are ready to list.  Plus, it will be less to move when your home sells, which is always helpful.  As your Colorado Springs real estate agentwe will give you a few tips on ways to declutter your home as quickly as possible, so you can get a head start on your Spring cleaning!

Create A Plan

Whether you have a small home or a large home, creating a game plan will help you stay focused.  Write down your top priority areas to tackle and start with those areas of your home.  This will make you feel accomplished quicker.  Along with writing down the rooms you want to declutter, make a list of days you can accomplish your task with ending dates as well.  Most of us don't have days at a time to tackle these types of projects so set what days you would like to knock out which areas of your home.  This will keep you from getting burned out on your project and also stay on task, so you don't start this project and not finish it.

Get Storage and Organizational Bins

After you have planned out what days and time frames you are tackling each area of your home, make a list of items to help keep that area organized in the future.  Create a space that is functional but easy to stick with to prevent future cluttering.  Some like to use totes, storage bins or a nice piece of functional furniture.  Decorative storage bins can work in almost any area and the possibilities are endless when it comes to organizing a space. Think of how you like to sort your items in that space and buy organizational bins that would work for you.  For example, if tackling a linen closet, you may buy a storage tote to keep sheets and another tote to put blankets.  When thinking through what is needed, a good rule to follow is try to give everything a place.  By doing so, you will be able to put things away quicker without tossing it in a pile to organize later.   

One Room At A Time

Tackle one room at a time and decluttering won't be so overwhelming.  Stay in that room until it is finished.  Don't bounce around from room to room or you will end up with a huge mess and nothing accomplished. If you stick to your plan on what areas to tackle, this will help you from losing track of your goal.  Give yourself enough time to tackle each space.  Some areas may require a full day to organize while others may only take a couple hours.  Staying on time and focused will make your feel accomplished as you declutter. 

Have Your Decluttering System In Place

The most common system is to throw items away, donate, put in a garage sale, recycle or save.  We recommend having boxes and trash cans ready before starting your decluttering project.  Bring your boxes and trash can in the room that you are working in.  This will keep you on task and you won't spend time going back and forth.  It will also keep you from creating piles and feeling like you are not making headway. 

If you haven't used the item in the past year, consider donating or selling and you most likely won't miss it when its gone.  Decluttering your home may be a great way to make a little extra cash.  Just don't get caught up saving items you plan to sell, if you are too busy and don't think you will get around to selling those items.  They may end up creating more clutter.  If it is broken and you haven't taken the time to fix it, it might be time to trash it.  If you would like to donate some of your items, you might be able to get a receipt to put towards your taxes.  Be liberal in your sorting process so it truly makes an impact on your space.

Decluttering Your Colorado Springs Home

If anyone knows the importance of loving the space you live in, it's your Colorado Springs real estate team. Our suggestions above are a great way to make your home feel clutter free and free up space.   Small homes can look smaller when cluttered and large homes can become daunting when space is not used properly.  Make sure you take the time to declutter your home before you want to spend all of your time outside.  If you are thinking of listing your Colorado Springs home, these tips will help you get your house ready.  The MacGuire Team has been selling real estate in Colorado for over 25 years, and before that, Mike has been a lifelong resident. If you want to know what's trending in the Colorado real estate market, we can help! If you want to buy or sell a home in Colorado Springs, we can help with that, too!

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