Things to do for your home this Spring!

Your home in Colorado Springs endures a lot of different kinds of weather over the Winter.  As temperatures warm up in the next weeks, now's the time to start thinking about your home's outdoor maintenance.  Keeping your home in top shape will ensure that your home value keeps rising, and you will stay on top of repairs before they become costly!  Here are some March maintenance tips from the best real estate team in Colorado Springs.  

Check Exterior Drainage

After the next big rain, check around your home to see if you have any standing water.  You don't want water to stand around your house for more than a day.  Check to see if you have water around the foundation because it can cause erosion which can affect the foundation of your home over time.

If you notice the flow of your water moving towards your house, you will want to try to redirect the flow.  Check your gutters to make sure they have pointed away from the house and have a clear path to drain.  Adjust your landscaping to force the water to flow away from your home.  You can do that by adding dirt, rocks, or retaining walls.  If you need help, hire a professional landscaper to come assess your situation and give advice on options to prevent foundation damage. 

Standing water is not something you want, so check your entire property.  If you notice any areas in your yard with standing water, you may want to fill with dirt, rocks or create a landscaping plan to help the flow of water.  

Clean Out Gutters

Check your gutters carefully now and before next winter.  Keeping your gutters free and clear will help the overall flow of water around your house.  This is a good time to make sure you don't have any broken or hanging pieces of your guttering system as well.

Inspect The Exterior Of Your Home

It is always a good idea to do an inspection of the exterior of your home this Spring.  Make sure you don't have dings in your siding, cracks in your foundation, boards warped or any other items that could become dangerous or costly if left unnoticed.  For many exterior issues, if caught early, you can fix it without having to replace the entire area.  

Check Your AC Unit

Check your air conditioning unit now.  Don't be surprised during the next hot day!  Now is the perfect time before the weather starts getting hot to have your system checked or even serviced.  If you are having your system inspected by a professional, get on their schedules now before they start to get busy.  If you think your system is in good condition, just make sure it is clear of weeds and debris around your unit.  Also, make sure all parts of the unit aren't damaged or worn as well.   

Repair Or Replace Damaged Window Screens

With warmer weather comes bugs and critters moving about.  Check all your screens on your windows to make sure they don't have holes.  This is a quick fix and you can buy everything to repair your screens at a local hardware store.  If you don't want to tackle the project, there are plenty of companies that can come replace the screens.  This will help the overall look of your home and if you think you may list your home in the future, you will want to get this project done ahead of time.

Clean Up Your Landscaping

It may be too early to plant flowers and shrubs, but it is the perfect time to start clearing dead plants, weeds, and shrubs from your landscaping. Do this task now and when the time is right to start planting, you will have done most of the hard work.  The curb appeal of your house will benefit by cleaning up the weeds and dead shrubbery! 

Vines should be trimmed back and this is also a good time to double check your tree limbs to make sure they are free and clear of your roof and electrical lines.  

Your Home To-Do List

You may have a long Spring to-do list, but keeping your home maintained is important.  Keeping up on the maintenance will pay off when you sell your Colorado Springs home. Take a few minutes this weekend to protect your investment so you can have peace of mind that your home is in top shape. If you decide that you are ready to sell a Colorado Springs home, don’t forget that you can count on the best real estate team in Colorado Springs for all of your selling or home buying in Colorado!

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